Health Complaints Data Collection Program


Key functions of HaDSCO's role include identifying and reviewing the causes of complaints, suggesting ways of removing and minimising those causes, and providing the public with notice about the types of complaints received.

To assist in performing these functions, HaDSCO collects complaints data from certain health service providers in Western Australia, prescribed under section 75 of the Health and Disability Services (Complaints) Act 1995. These providers, who are specified in the Health and Disability Services (Complaints) Regulations 2010, must submit their complaints data to HaDSCO on an annual basis by 31 July, in accordance with legislative requirements.

The information collected from prescribed providers allows HaDSCO to identify the common causes of health service complaints. The information also gives insight into the timeliness of providers' internal complaint resolution processes and the outcomes achieved as a result of complaints made directly to providers.

HaDSCO aims to continue working with providers to improve complaints data collection to ensure that better quality information is reported. This will enhance the agency's ability to identify systemic issues and trends.

For further information download the information sheet: Health Complaints Data Collection Program (PDF 128KB) - Print friendly (MS Word 360KB).


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