Regional Awareness and Accessibility Program

HaDSCO is conscious that a number of communities face specific challenges accessing services. To improve accessibility and raise awareness of HaDSCO, the Office undertakes a number of Regional Awareness and Accessibility Program (RAAP) activities in regional areas. These activities are undertaken in collaboration with the State Ombudsman, Commonwealth Ombudsman and the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Regional visits

HaDSCO will visit the Peel Region from 15 - 16 May 2019 as part of RAAP. The Program will include complaint clinics where members of the public can discuss their concerns with health, disability and mental health service providers with HaDSCO staff. To find out more about HaDSCO’s visit to the Peel Region.

View the Regional visit to the Peel Region Complaint Clinic Poster

Previous regional visits in Western Australia:

  • Great Southern Region in November 2018
  • South West Region in February and March 2018
  • Gascoyne Region in June 2017
  • Goldfields Region in July and August 2014
  • East Kimberley Region in November 2013
  • South West Region in March 2013
  • Great Southern Region in November 2010
  • Kimberley Region in May 2010
  • Peel Region in November 2009
  • Mid West Region in June and July 2009
  • Goldfields-Esperance Region in May 2009

Regional visits to the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) have taken place in May 2019, May 2017, June 2015 and May 2011.

During the visits to the IOT, HaDSCO undertook complaint clinics, meetings, information sessions and provided a vast amount of information to the community on both islands. The HaDSCO complaint form and brochures were translated into a variety of community languages and provided in printed and electronic format.

HaDSCO in partnership with Christmas Island Community - 'Voice up'



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