Aboriginal outreach

In 2009, HaDSCO embarked on a significant project to identify barriers preventing Aboriginal people from accessing HaDSCO’s services. This project involved HaDSCO staff engaging with relevant stakeholders including Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal health and disability service providers and advocate agencies.

A number of outreach opportunities were identified as a result of the project findings, which led to the subsequent development of a dedicated Stakeholder Engagement Strategy.

In line with this strategy, HaDSCO has been working on a focused approach to communicate with Aboriginal communities. The key objectives have been to overcome communication barriers and develop a network with Aboriginal communities and health care workers, and to raise awareness of HaDSCO and the services available.

HaDSCO is continuing its efforts to partner with relevant stakeholders to provide information directly into Aboriginal communities in an appropriate and culturally sensitive manner.


HaDSCO in partnership with Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation - 'Speak up - Do something about it'



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